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All about the Cheeseboards

If you're like me and my family, cheeseboards are a stable in our home. Give us any excuse to put a board together and we are all over it. And when your 17 year old son requests it for his birthday dinner, you know it's a winner!

Putting a board together really can be simple. You can grab whatever you have in your frig and pantry and grab a wooden board, marble slab or pretty plate and start assembling. You can go all out or make it a simple as possible.

In my case, I tend to go a little overboard. I LOVE everything about a cheeseboard, the breads, the crackers, the CHEESE, different meats, fruit, nuts, veggies, pickles, olives, spreads, jams....endless possibilities. I just can't stop. I dream about them....my mouth waters over them. It seems like every night of the week is a great night for a cheeseboard. Pair it with a nice bottle of wine, a good cocktail, you're in for the win!

Our favorite place to shop for our board items is usually our local Trader Joe's. They have an incredible assortment of different cheeses, crackers, nuts and dried fruits. My families favorite cheese for sure is the herbed and rolled blueberry goat cheeses. YUM! I like the creamier cheeses but love me a jarlsberg or smoked gouda, or a mozz with a fig spread or pepper jelly. Love to also take some good crusty bread and drizzle a little evoo on both sides and rub a fresh garlic glove over both sides and grill the slices. Give it a little extra crunch to smear some goat cheese on and place a thin slice of smoked salmon or prosciutto on top.

Really, the options are endless. Whatever your favorite's are, you can create a mighty tasty spread. Don't be afraid to make it simple or as elaborate as you want.

When I assemble my boards I have a certain order I tend to go with. It's just me...so you can create yours however you want. But I usually start with my meats: smoked salmon, (from Trader Joe's) sliced salami (and there are varieties of salami's) sliced prosciutto. Depending on how many meats I have to display, I usually arrange the meats on the four corners of my platter. Then I build up the arrangement of cheeses around the meats, pairing them together by what flavors tend to go better together. From there, I start filling in the empty spaces with fruits, crackers, toasted or grilled bread slices, small bowls of pickles, jams, and veggies. There have been times when my boards are so full of the meats, cheeses and other items that I can't fit the crackers or breads on the board. Then I have taken multiple plates or wooden platters and created a cracker/bread board.

You can't go wrong when making your board. Grab yourself a couple boxes of your favorite crackers, a couple cheeses and one meat, pair it with your favorite drink to start then build from there. Let me know what you come up with! I am always looking for new foods to add to my own boards.

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