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Delicious "Smash" Cast Iron Burger

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

A deliciously juicy smash burger skillet style that is fast and easy but has all the flavor of a great burger joint.

My family and I love a good burger. We have a couple favorite restaurants in town we like to go to for a juicy, tasty burger. Our youngest son is a foodie down to his core. He is the one who is always in the kitchen with me wanting to help cook, always wants to know first thing in the morning what we are having for dinner and always inspires to dream up tasty combinations and is always ambitious about trying new foods. For a 14yo kid, he has quite the evolved pallet. He just LOVES food and GOOD food.

So it was no surprise for his 14th birthday this summer, he wanted to make the perfect burger. After going through different recipes we were inspired to create our own flair and we decided on making burgers in my cast iron pan on the stove instead of over the grill. This isn't a new technique at all but we have always been a grill your burgers outside type of people. So, we just had never given this a try before...

We wanted a good balance in the fat content for our patties. We decided to combine a ground chuck and an 80/20 ground beef for flavor and fat content to help the patties to not shrink up so much. We wanted that drippy, juicy burger.

We combined our two different ground beefs, flavored the meat with salt and pepper (keeping to the basics) and made 10 balls. We wanted to have a few extra that I could freeze for another dinner. I then took a couple balls at a time, about the size of a tennis ball in between two wax paper sheets and smashed them until super thin patties. Heated my pan with a little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil just before placing my thin patties in the pan. I cooked one patty at a time until it shrunk down a bit then added another, cooking them about 3 minutes each side. I did this until I had the number of patties cooked that we wanted for that dinner. The rest I kept in between the wax paper and put them in a freezer Ziploc and stuck them in the freezer.

Assembled the burgers with a slice of good deli American cheese on a buttery/slightly toasted bun. Top them with all your favorite burger toppings. I did lettuce, tomato, mayo and a spicy pickle. Combine these burgers with some fresh cut match stick fries, which I added my fries to my burger for that crunch factor....nothin better!!

It was the perfect burger night fitting for a 14year olds birthday dinner choice.

Delicious "Smash" Cast Iron Skillet Burger

Servings 6-8

Ingredients for the burgers:

1-lb each of ground chuck and ground beef (80/20)

Salt and Pepper

8-buttery hamburger buns

Burger Toppings (of choice):


Sliced Tomatoes





Heat your cast iron pan and drizzle a small amount of evoo to your pan. Combine both meats and add s&p. Mix well until combined. Divide into roughly 9-11 balls about the size of a tennis ball. Smash between two sheets of wax paper til they are very thin. Once pan is hot, add a smashed patty or two to your pan and cook on each side 3-4 minutes.

Place cooked patties on a good, buttery, slightly toasted bun. Add your favorite burger toppings of choice and enjoy.

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