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Guest bath remodel-diy

Doing your own "diy's" is always a work in progress and can take up to several months to complete. Our remodel was no exception! With my husband working in the construction/custom woodworking business https://www.phoenixcabinetcompany.com/, he's busy working with other contractors and clients to create their new spaces in their own homes or businesses.

Our guest bath was in desperate need of a must redo. This is the home I grew up in after we moved here from Amarillo, TX. It had not been touched since the day these 1970's fixtures were put in brand new. Over the years when my parents still lived in the house, they painted the cabinets, replaced hardware and added wall paper. It still had the original fiberglass/all in one shower with speckled glass doors. The vanity top was gold flecked marble with gold faucets. Are you picturing it....??

After moving back into this home when my parents moved back to TX, we started almost immediately tackling a project or two at a time to update this home, to make it our own and not the home that was my childhood home.

We knew we had to jump in and tackle this one in a big way.....the shower stopped working, the built-in faucet broke and there was no way to just patch and fix without ripping it all out. So, we dove in and started demo. But unfortunately, the demo took way longer than I had hoped. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

We had to use the same template when updating because of space and couldn't change that. We used Sollid Cabinetry http://sollidcabinetry.com/ for our cabinets. My husband works with them on a regular basis selling their cabinets here in Phoenix. We had a good friend who is a plumber come in and set the plumbing for the new shower/tub and sink faucets for us.

We took out the old medicine cabinet and originally thought we would just fill over the hole with drywall and just have a plain wall space for a decorative shelf or pictures. But my husband came up with the idea to take some barn wood from Porter Barn Wood https://porterbarnwood.com/ and created an open built in space. I am loving this space. It brings in some texture to the room with the rustic wood. He took the open/bare space above the toilet and built custom box shelving and tiled the shower with white subway tiles. I love the look of shower curtains in bathrooms, especially the guest bath, where you have more people who frequent that space more than the master. So, my whole vision for this room, was to bring a since of comfort and warmth but also making it pretty yet a space for that wasn't so "pretty" since this is space our two teen boys use as their bathroom.

We still have to finish the flooring and add the baseboards and door trim. That will come when we demo our kitchen because we will be replacing all the flooring in our house and it will flow right into the bathroom floor....so more to come! I hope you'll continue to follow us on our reno journey....stay tuned!!!

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