• Heather Goshow

Party like it's "1973"...a 45th birthday celebration

My husband isn't one to have much attention directed to. He is one that would rather get together "just because" and not because we are going to celebrate him.

He turned "45" this past April and why not use that as an excuse to have a dinner party? We weren't sure we were going to do anything but you only turn 45 once....so let's live it up!

After planning out the menu and taking one last opportunity to have an outside party before the AZ heats sets in for months...we pulled together a fun night of amazing food, fun and laughter with some great friends of ours.

Once I figured out the menu, the rest came together. Our friends wanted to help with the food, so it made it super easy to pull our meal together. And once I got the menu set into place, I was able to create in my mind how I wanted to decorate the tables and set up the outside. I didn't have it in my budget to go out and buy new items to recreate the tablescape from new items, so I took what I had and made it work. That's the beauty of being able to create something "new" out of old items, or items you just have laying around.

I took a couple table runners I had in my buffet and paired them with some placemats and cloth napkins to bring in color. I didn't have but 4 candlestick holders so I took some empty wine bottles and a couple empty bourbon bottles and stuck candles in them to create my lighting for the tables.

Our theme for our food was Mexican since it's one of my husband's favorite. Marinated chicken and flank steak for fajita's was amazing....to die for!!! Started marinating the meats the morning before our party to give them a chance to really soak in the flavors. My mouth is watering just thinking about how juicy and full of flavor they were. Then added to the menu was homemade refried beans, Mexican street corn, and Spanish rice.

Such a great night of celebrating a birthday!

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