• Heather Goshow

Summer Tablescape Inspo

I love searching Pinterest and different decor sites to give me inspiration for different ways to decorate my tablescape. This time of year in Phoenix, it's starting to warm up, and sitting outside in the patio is getting fewer and fewer. So, my inspiration this summer is bringing the outdoors inside at my table. I love bringing in natural elements, a neutral pallet, layered with a pop of color. Keeping it simple and well balanced helps create a since of warmth and definitely is inviting. Anyone would want to sit at your table and enjoy gathering together. Here's a few ideas to help you create that summer space inside and around your table.

When creating your tablescape, keep in mind to keep it simple. You don't have to have a lot of movement or patterns in your table fabrics. I like using a plain table runner or tablecloth and then incorporating your texture and design pulling from your place mats, chargers, napkins and other embellishments/centerpiece.

Be Inspired this summer when you put together your unique tablescape!


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